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Buying vs. leasing a new Ford car, truck, or SUV has been hotly debated by drivers for years. Some drivers prefer to watch their payments dwindle to nothing, while others want to drive a new vehicle every few years. There really isn't a 'one-size-fits-all' answer, but there is a right answer for every budget and lifestyle.

Do you want to discuss lease and finance options with an expert? Get in touch with a specialist at Griffin Ford in Waukesha, WI by phone at (888) 450-7419 to learn more about available payment plans for a new car, truck, or SUV.

When To Lease A Ford

Do you drive less than 12,000 miles per year?

Do you want a new car every few years?

Do you want lower monthly payments?

Do you prefer to avoid expensive auto repairs?

If you answered, "Yes," to more than one of these questions, leasing a new Ford car, truck, or SUV is an option you should explore. However, there are several key aspects to auto lease deals that drivers need to consider before agreeing to a payment plan.

Who Owns It?

A lease deal is a contract, and the finance company backing the lease deal still owns the car while you pay a set monthly fee based on the amount you drive.

Up Front Costs

Depending on the terms of the deal and incentives available, up front costs for lease deals can vary.

  • Down payments can range from $1,000 to $4,000, but some lease deals come with $0 down.
  • Document fees, tag, title, registration and license fees are required to legally register your leased car.
  • Taxes must be paid, but they only count against the portion of the vehicle you're actually paying for, not the full value

Future Value

The residual value is the price you can buy the car for at the end of the lease deal. This price is largely dependent on mileage driven, depreciation, and overall wear and tear, and represents the expected value after the lease deal ends.

End of Payments

At the end of a lease deal, you have three options to consider:

  1. Return the car and walk away from it.
  2. Finance the remaining value and keep the car.
  3. If there's equity in the car, you can put that towards a new model.

When To Buy A Ford

Do you drive more than 12,000 miles in a year?

Do you like the idea of ownership?

Are you going to customize your new car?

Do you plan to own your car past the payment period?

If you found yourself agreeing with these questions more often than not, an auto finance deal makes sense for your lifestyle. Check out the current incentives available at Griffin Ford in Waukesha, WI and save thousands off the MSRP with select offers on auto finance deals.

Who Owns it?

You do. When you finance a new Ford car, truck, or SUV at our dealership in Waukesha, WI, you are the owner of your vehicle. This means that you can accessorize and make changes to the car as you see fit. Do you want an upgraded stereo system or custom graphics? Let the team at Griffin Ford know about your ideas for customization, and we can assist with ordering parts and completing installation.

Up Front Costs

Finance deals come with a down payment, taxes, and registration fees that are required up front. If financing a new Ford car, truck or SUV is the deal you want to get, make sure to have a little extra saved or have a trade-in to help limit some of the up front costs.

Future Value

The future value of a financed car is often limited. Even a Ford car, truck or SUV racks up miles and wear and tear after being driven for five, six, or seven years, but you can trade your car in as you see fit and use it for a down payment on a new vehicle.

End of Payments

When the payments end, you own the car, 100%, and get to drive without sending in payments for as long as the vehicle starts.

Get Pre-Approved at Griffin Ford!

Are you ready to choose between leasing and financing? Get pre-approved with our online application and know exactly what kind of payment plan works for you before visiting our Ford dealership in Waukesha, WI. Contact our team through our inquiry form to get more information on auto finance or lease payment plans available at Griffin Ford. Affording your next new car, truck, or SUV is only a click away!

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